Pet Policy


The Snohomish Inn will allow pets to stay in the hotel rooms with our guests as long as the following guidelines are followed:

  1. Customers must let the Snohomish      Inn know at the time of check in that there will be pet(s) in the hotel      room. If this policy is broken      there will be a $150.00 fee. 
  2. The Snohomish Inn must have a      valid credit card number or deposit on file. This is for a damage deposit. If the customer is paying by cash and      has no credit cards there will be a minimum cash deposit of $75.00. This cash deposit will not be given back      to the customer until an employee does an inspection of the room and has      found that no damage has been done.
  3. Pets are not to be bathed in the hotel room.
  4. Pets are not to sleep in the bed or on the      bedding.
  5. The Snohomish Inn does not allow pets to be      left alone in the hotel room unless they are in a kennel. 

Charges will be applied if these guidelines are not followed and any damage has occurred.